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What are Edmonton’s Safest Neighbourhoods?

We all want to be safe, protect our families, and not worry about our little ones (or big ones) as they are out hunting down Pokémon outside. But sometimes we just don’t have the data on-hand to make the most informed choices and are left going with our gut feeling or recommendations from friends and family based on their limited experiences. Worse yet, sometimes we stop ourselves from making a choice out of fear.

Here to help is our analysis of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

So, what are the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton? Technically speaking, with 1, 1, and 2 crime incidents between 2009 and 2017, respectively, the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton are Rural North West, Clareview Business Park, and Clareview Campus. However, knowing this is next to meaningless as few people live in these disperse neighbourhoods. Thus, we’ve got to dig a little deeper.

Excluding the three neighbourhoods noted above, the top ten safest neighbourhoods per capita, based on total incidents from 2009 to 2017 are:

Looking at this list most of us are thinking, “there are a lot of prestigious neighbourhoods on this list, do I have to spend a ton of money to find safety?”

And the answer, emphatically, is NO.

As shown within the chart, the average sale price in a neighbourhood and the incidence of crime per capita are linked to some extent. However, once the average sale price exceeds $400,000 in a neighbourhood, the benefits in terms of safety are relatively nominal. Further, at $400,000 for an average sale price, half of the properties for sale in that neighbourhood should be priced less than $400,000, making them affordable for most two income households in Edmonton.

Further, if you’re still thinking, “$400,000. Ya right.” You’re in luck, as Edmonton features some fantastically priced neighbourhoods with very low incidents of crime over 5 years.

And last but not least, a discussion of Edmonton’s safest neighbourhoods wouldn't be complete without talking about my home turf, my pride, my joy, Millwoods, or as one amazing bicycle mechanic I recently met called it “the ghetto”.

Now, I have a soft spot for Millwoods. Always have, and always will. And truly, its reputation is not merited. While some pockets around the Millwoods Town Centre Mall are recognized for being higher crime rate areas due to the increase in non-resident daily population related to the mall and other factors, most residential neighbourhoods in Millwoods are definitely safe places to live and raise your kids, such as Greenview where I grew up being listed 49 out of 234 neighbourhoods. Similarly, areas like Pollard Meadows and Minchau where some of my good friends reside are ranked 110 and 73, respectively, putting them clearly above average in terms of their per capita crime rate.

Overall, whether you're searching for your mansion or your minimalist tiny home, one thing is clear, Edmonton offers some great areas to live no matter what price you're looking for.

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