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Valuaton Services


Warehouse, Distribution, or Flex Space


The utility of industrial properties varies significantly with the characteristics of the improvements on the property. Not all buildings are created equal. The valuation of a property is complicated by matters that include warehouse ceiling heights, the efficiency of dock and grade loading, office space development, crane and mechanical systems, loading area lengths, and large vehicle turning radius's just to name a few. Our experts are experienced in all types of industrial real property, to ensure the most valuable aspects of your property are given full consideration.   

Storage & Development Land


Industrial lands make for great holding investments until they're ready for development. Whether your site is undeveloped, compacted and graveled, or paved with 12" of concrete, our appraisers have the experience to recognize the full value of your asset.  

At Bourgeois Brooke Chin, we're here to provide you with confidence in all of your industrial real estate decisions. 

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