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Valuaton Services


Retail & Office Developments


Location, location, location. From development land and strip malls to high-rise office buildings, the utility and value of a commercial property's location cannot be understated. Both it's exposure and access should be carefully considered. Our experienced professionals are trained to analyze not only the specific characteristics of your property's location, but also it's building characteristics, and the potential to generate investment income. From estimating market rent to capitalization rates and feasibility studies, our experts are experienced in all types of commercial real property to ensure the most valuable aspects of your asset are given full consideration.   

Mixed Use Developments


Mixed use developments combine the best of both worlds with a diversification mix that allows for a blend of retail, office, residential, and / or industrial uses. As the specific use mix within a property changes, the risk profile associated with each use, and its impact on the value and utility of a property changes accordingly. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to ensure full consideration of all uses on your property.   

At Bourgeois Brooke Chin, we're here to provide you with confidence in all of your commercial real estate decisions. 

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