Disclaimer and Limitations

The service we're offering is specifically for industrial and commercial condominium units in the Greater Edmonton Region.

Greater Edmonton Region

The "Greater Edmonton Region" is defined as a regional area that includes City of Edmonton and any city surrounding Edmonton, which are Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St.Albert, Nisku, Leduc, Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan. Any location not stated are not considered as part of the Greater Edmonton Region and we will not provide service.

Single Market Value Estimate 

According to the Appraisal of Real Estate 3rd Canada Edition, Market Value is defined as "the most probable price, as of a specified date, in cash, or in terms equivalent to cash, or in other precisely revealed terms, for which the specified property rights should sell after reasonable exposure in a competitive market under all condition requisite to a fair sale, with the buyer and seller each acting prudently, knowledgeably, and for self interest, and assuming the neither is under undue duress".

The service we entail is only for single market value estimate for financing purposes. Any estimate that requires "as is" or "as if" complete is void as it requires more extensive due diligence not within the scope of the service we're offering, and as such, the request is void and will not be completed.

Single Condominium Unit 

The single condominium unit means on a legal perspective, we are appraising one unit under one condominium plan or one lot under one condominium plan. Some circumstances are an exception but will require the appraisers to review and accept the assignment. Such as, multiple units are amalgamated into one physical unit.

Condominium Industrial or Commercial Unit

The appraisal is only applicable to industrial or commercial condominium units which does not include the whole building. The services offered is not applicable to residential condominium units.

We reserve the right to cancel the appraisal request if any of the requirements are not met or the information provided by you, the client was false. If an event we cancel the appraisal, any information provided will be returned and payment will be returned as soon as possible.

All of the following must apply to request condominium appraisal:

All must be checked out to be qualified and eligible for the service. If not, there are several options which are: please contact us at (780)-470-8056, use the contact form below to fill out the information, or email us to further discuss or if you have any question.

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