Edmonton: (780) 470-8056

Edmonton: (780) 470-8056

Independent commercial real estate appraisers and advisors providing consistent, diligent and reliable valuation solutions throughout Alberta for more than forty years.

Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates, through its affiliation with Verra Group Valuation, forms part of a team having a broad scope of knowledge and experience, and benefits from access to national level data and knowledge.


Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates is a partnership between Bourgeois Chin Associates Ltd. (formerly “Bourgeois & Company Ltd.”) and Brooke, Pirbhai & Associates. With offices in Calgary and Edmonton and a rich history dating back to 1979, Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates continues to offer high-level valuation and advisory services throughout Alberta as well as across the country through its affiliation with Verra Group. While the partnership is new, the former firms’ spirit and core values of Excellence, Commitment, Passion and People remain intact. Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates is committed to providing clarity and understanding by delivering the most relevant and well-researched intelligence so that you, our value client, can make decisive, sustainable real value decisions.


At Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates, we strive to make real estate decisions easier by connecting people to real information.

Through our affiliation with VerraGroup, we are able to accept and undertake large and complex assignments by leveraging the collective knowledge,  experience and manpower of our national team of professionals, as well as through access to national level data.

VerraGroup professionals are accredited members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada 


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