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Why Us

Bourgeois Brooke Chin Associates is the only firm within the Edmonton region with a Lead Associate dedicated to Industrial, Commercial, and Investment Condominium Units. This allows us to increase the quality of our reports, and reduce the turn around time. In addition, our firm's implementation of market leading technology, and our smaller size allows us to have lower overhead costs, and pass those savings on to you. 

Our appraisal reports are accepted by all Chartered banks and financial institutions, who have trusted us for over 40 years.

Competitive Fees

Currently, this is $1,275 + GST (includes all disbursements) for an IC&I Single Condominium Appraisal completed for financing purposes within greater Edmonton. 

We understand every dollar counts, not only during a pandemic, but at all times. Our focus on the implementation of technological systems, reduction of our firm's overhead costs through minimal office space and work from home solutions, and a dedication to the IC&I Condo market segment ensures we can help our clients through cost savings on your appraisal every day. 

Quick Turnaround

We recognize that the urgency of these reports are an utmost importance in many situations, such as, we are committed to meeting a 3 business day turn around time for all IC&I Condo Appraisals completed to assist with obtaining financing. 

Trusted Expertise and Quality

Our firm has been in business since 1979 and has built a reputation for excellence, with our reports being accepted by all Canadian Chartered banks and financial institutions operating in Alberta. 

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Other Important Information

Greater Edmonton Region

The pricing quoted herein is specific to industrial and commercial condominium units within the Greater Edmonton Region. Please call us directly for pricing on units outside this geographic area. 

Single Market Value Estimate 

The price and timing quoted through the Appraisal Request Form are for a single market value estimate within a report that is intended for use to assist with obtaining financing. Please call us if you require an alternative value estimate, or a report for a different purpose so that we can ensure our report meets your specific needs. Examples of other estimates of value and alternative purposes include "construction complete market value", or reports prepared for litigation and court. 

Single Condominium Unit 

The price and timing quoted through the Appraisal Request form are representative of a single condominium unit only. Please call us for a quote specific to your property if you require valuation of more than one unit. We're working to expand our website's functionality to offer more options, and look forward to providing this additional service in the future.

Industrial, Commercial & Investment Condominium Unit

While our firm is readily able to assist with the most complicated and obscure of appraisal and real estate consulting requests, our website is still catching up. Please call us at (780) 470-8056 anytime if your valuation needs exceed that of this automated request form.

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